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Dreams Are Coming True in León!

I once read that serving the Lord is like being asked to dance... by a King. It's an honor and it gives you the chills because he is, after all, the King. And you know that everyone will be watching, which concerns you since you’re not that good of a dancer, but you know He will lead you every step of the way. That's a good picture of how I feel right now as the León NOE Center Director. It's a privilege, an honor, and a bit scary.


Being part of the first NOE Center outside of Morelia is like starting all over again. The León team, made up of NOE alumni: me, Claudia, and Erick, are used to the unending lines at NOE on registration day, the big smiles, and excitement! It's not like that when you go to a new city, because people don't know what you're offering, you have to show them. It honestly feels a little bit like chipping away at a rock! But I've also heard that even drops of water can have an effect on the rock, if the drops are constant.


So that's us! We're the drops! León is the rock; and one day it'll look like a beautiful pond. That's what NOE has taught me all these years: that in God, dreams do come true, and sometimes even faster than you expect them to.​

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