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Dream Team: Where Are They Now?

The following list gives the most updated information we have at NOE International as to the whereabouts of our Exchange alumni. The list is organized in chronological order starting with the 1996 Dream Team. Please contact us if any of the information is incorrect or needs to be updated. Thank you!


Efrén Galván: Graduated from college in communications and is currently coaching soccer.

Juan Carlos Villagómez: Married and living in Nebraska.

Betty Gallegos: Graduated with a degree in accounting, won a grant to teach Spanish in France from August 2003 to May 2004, NOE computer teacher for three years, currently married and working as an accountant.

Itzel Torres: Graduated with a degree in finance. Has three children and is managing the family candy business.

Andrés Chávez: Graduated with a law degree and owns two drugstores.


Lydia Flores: Married, has three children, earned her master's in education.

Xóchitl Galván: Graduated with a degree in business administration, studied and worked in China and is now working in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Mireya López: Currently working as a doctor, her oldest son attends NOE.

Liliana Núñez: Graduated, married, and working as an accountant.

Israel Martínez: Married with children, living in Morelia, and working as a web page designer.

Víctor Mendoza: Graduated with honors in computer systems. Currently working full-time as a computer systems engineer in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Rafael Peña: Married, earned his doctorate in electrical engineering, is a professor at San Luis Potosi University in Mexico. 



Erika López: Graduated, married, and is now working as an architect and a mom.

Carlos Sánchez: Works making video productions.

José Sánchez: Graduated in engineering.

Ramón Núñez: Graduated and is working as an accountant.

Armando García:  Working full-time in an automobile parts store.

Elivet Aguilar: Is a mom and recently earned her doctorate in engineering.

Itzayana Aguilar: Working and studying business in Morelia.

Fabiola Avila: Returned to college for a business degree.

Saúl Rojas: Graduated from medical school, married with three kids, and is working as a radiologist in Morelia.

Tihui Torres: Graduated and is now working as an accountant.

Alejandro Viveros: Graduated in computer systems and is working.


Adriana Fernández: Graduated with Associate's degree in business administration and managing her father's auto parts store.

Claudia Albor: Graduated in business administration and is working.

Fabiola Garcia: Finished high school, married, and is living in Phoenix.

Alan González: Married and using his English as a tour guide in Quintana Roo.

Bernardino Vaca: Married with a baby boy, manages the bookstore at UVAG university in Morelia.

Christopher Ramos: Married and studying a doctorate in music composition in New Zealand.

Hector Iván Ochoa: Graduated in history, married, and has a baby girl.


There was no Dream Team in 2000 for a curriculum restructure at NOE.


Erandi Aguilar: Graduated with a degree in international commerce, mom of Daniel who attends NOE, teaching in a Morelia university.

Joel Rojas: Graduated with a degree in biology.  Married and father of two.

Melissa Pérez: Graduated and working as an architect.

Javier Bravo: Studying theater and working as an actor.

Alfonso García: Working as a manager at a restaurant.

Juan Peralta: Graduated with a degree in economics and works at NOE as the director of NOE Primero.

Antonio Rendón: Graduated with a degree in physics/mathematics. Working towards his doctorate in England.

Verónica Leyva:  Graduated college as an international commerce major and working.

Tania Viveros: Graduated with a degree in business administration.

Vanessa Aguilar: Graduated with a degree in law, now teaching English in Morelia.


Wendy Perez: Earned an Associate degree in fashion design and is now working.

Diana Aguilar: Graduated with a degree in nutrition at the university.  Married and mother of two boys, working at the Nursing college.

Andres Bravo: Working as a doctor.

Christian Ortiz: Working as a lawyer.

Martha Arévalos: Graduated with a degree in chemical engineering.  Earned her doctorate and is doing research in Chihuahua.

Jonathan Peralta: Married Ruth Gudiño (2005 Dream Team) and is teaching and parenting three kids.


Ireri Rodriguez: Graduated with honors in education, married with two little girls, and is now working as a teacher in Mexico City.

Martha Aguilar: Graduated from Harding University as a Walton scholar in 2008. Married and managing an upscale department store.

Abraham Duran: Working as an engineer in Mexico City.

Omar Nuñez: Earned his master's in computer systems on scholarship at the university in Morelia and working as a computer engineer.

Franco Zuñiga: Working in tourism in Queretaro.

Valeria Camacho: Earned a Master's degree in ecology in England.  Recently married.

Seydel Gil: Graduated as a teacher, worked her year of service at a rural elementary school in Michoacán, and is now the director NOE León.

Ana Gonzalez: Currently working as a doctor in Cancun.


Carlos Soria: Graduated in medicine and working as a doctor.

Jorge Tovar: Recently earned his doctorate in Nanoscience in Italy.

Samuel Calderon: Working as an engineer in Morelia.

Delil Acosta: Working as a pharmacist.

Itzhel Martinez: Studied business and working in Morelia.

Marcela Vargas: Mother of three and planning to continue studying to be an English teacher.

Berenice GalvanIs: Graduated in accounting and recently married.

Lilian Rodriguez: Graduated as an accountant and working in Morelia.


Maria Luisa Flores: Graduated and working in Morelia in the government health system.

Ana Patricia García: Graduated as an elementary teacher.

Ruth Gudiño: Graduated in education and teaching at a school near Morelia. Ruth married Jonathan Peralta (2002 Dream Team) in September 2006 and they have three children.

Yarleth Lobato: Graduated in medicine and working in Morelia.

Nayra Martinez: Working as a dentist and coaching basketball in Morelia.

Arturo David Ruiz: Working as a doctor.

Karla Zaragoza: Graduated college and working in an insurance company.

Paulina Medina: Graduated and working as a PE teacher.


Aaron Martinez: Working as an accountant in Morelia.

Adriana Tovar: Married and working as a dentist in Morelia.

Celene Alarcon:  Graduated from John Brown University on a Walton scholarship, currently working in Morelia.

Claudia Cedeño: Graduated from law school and passed the New York bar exam.  Currently working in the Mexican embassy in Washington, D.C.

Juan Pablo Salto: Graduated in art and working in Morelia.

Libni Gil Jimenez: Graduated from John Brown University as the recipient of the Walton scholarship and working in Morelia.

Marcela Espino: Working as a chef in Morelia.

Meredith Silva: Studying her Masters in education while teaching in a pre-school in Morelia.


Montserrat Martinez: Graduated in Languages and spent time as a missionary in China.  Recently married and working in tourism.

Edgar Valdovinos: Married with a little girl and teaching English in Morelia.

Dahania Pimentel: Studying international commerce at the University of the Ozarks as part of a Walton Scholarship.  Now Mrs. Blair and working in 

Monica Rendon: Studying medicine here in Morelia.

Flor Perez: Studying robotics at a university in Mexico City.

Eduardo Bravo: Graduated as an engineer in computer systems and working for a global company in Guadalajara.

Alejandro Sigler: Almost done studying to become a doctor.

Alan Ortiz: Graduated and working as a lawyer in Morelia.

Edimir Muñoz: Graduated, married and working in Morelia.


Guillermo Martinez: Graduated with degrees in theology and psychology.

Yedan Arriaga: Working as a doctor.

Paloma Pimentel: Studying her last year of high school.

Gabriel Fuentes: Graduated from John Brown University on a Walton Scholarship.  Working as an engineer in Morelia.  Married and proud dad.

Daniela Juarez: Graduated college and working as an Apple trainer doing a lot of travelling around Mexico.

Erwin Sistos: Working as a dentist.

Alfred Perez: Working as a computer systems engineer.

Luis Paque: Working as a technician in a Pediatric Hospital in Toluca.

Johari Miranda: Working as a doctor in Salamanca (2 hrs from Morelia).

Dayen Zepeda: Working as an architect.

Abisai Yañez: Three doctors in this group, Abisai is one of them!

Israel Rubio: Working as a teacher.


Laura Cazares: Graduated from college with a degree in computer systems and working for Huawei in Queretaro, Mexico. 

Jose Luis Diaz: Working and enjoying being a dad.

Ana Espinoza: Studying in her second year of college to be a web designer.

Jonathan Madrigal: Working as an architect in Morelia.

Miguel Olvera: Graduated from college and is working at a bank.

Itzel Perez: Graduated college and working as a teacher in the city of Queretaro, Mexico.

Jose (Cuco) Vazquez: Working as a sound technician.

Karen Garcia: Studying a Masters degree in Nursing education. 


Israel Abarca: Married and working as a computer systems engineer in Guadalajara.

Emmanuel Valencia: Graduated college and working as an auditor in Mexico City.

Ricardo Alarcon: Graduated with a degree in computer systems, then went back to school to be a chef!

Alicia Medina: Graduated from high school and is going to study architecture.

Nancy Valdez: Nancy was in Portland in April of 2011 for surgery on her eyelid, and now she is back and working towards her high school degree.

Jorge Cardoso: Graduated in business administration and working.

Dara Barajas: Studying and working at a Morelia college.

Anayeli Rangel: Graduated in architecture and working.

Nidia Perez:  Studying business in the university.


Luis Enrique Pimentel: 

Diego Compean: Graduated as an engineer and working in Morelia.

Roberto Chavez: Graduated and working as an engineer in Silao, Mexico.

Emmanuel Diaz: Working as an English teacher in an elementary school.

Erick García: Director of NOE Vida West that opened in Sept 2018.

Fidel Guevara: Graduated as an engineer and working in Monterrey, Mexico.

Alejandro Madrigal: Graduated as a doctor and working in a small town in Michoacan, Mexico.

Claudia Rios: Graduated with a degree in teaching and is currently the assistant director of NOE Leon.

Leticia Ruiz: Finishing up a degree in mathematics.

Karen Zepeda: Graduated as a PE teacher and preparing to marry Jacob Castro of Portland who interned at NOE.


Joaquin Barajas: Graduated and working as an engineer in Morelia.

Marianie Bedolla: Graduated from Harding University and working in Morelia.

Luis Alberto Cruz: Graduated from law school and working in Morelia.

Daniel Garcia: Finished a Masters degree in business and managing a Nike store in Mexico City.

Beto Gil: 

Israel Hernandez: Graduated as an engineer from John Brown University and working in Morelia.

Monserrat Maldonado: Graduated in business administration and working in Morelia.

Dante Perez: Graduated as an engineer and working in Morelia .

Marco Ruiz: Graduated as an accountant and working in Morelia.

Andrea Salmeron: Studying to be a physical therapist.

Yael Yañes: Graduated with a degree in business and working in Morelia at the Nissan dealership.


Angel Gallegos: Graduated as a computer systems engineer and working for a company based in San Francisco.

Cesar Rivera: Graduated in art and working as a photographer in Morelia.

Elizabeth Cazares: In her last year of studying biochemical engineering in the university.

Emmanuel Garcia: In his fifth year of med school in Morelia.

Esmeralda Ceballos: On her last year of psychology at “Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo.” 

Gerardo Romero: Studying to be a dietitian in the Michoacan university in Morelia and coaching basketball at NOE Primero.

Ignacio Quezada: Studying to be a PE teacher and coaching basketball at NOE Loma Libre.

Karla Guzman: Studying at the UNAM campus of Morelia to become an engineer.

Liz Yañez: Graduated with a degree in dance and is now teaching and performing.

Monserrat Hernadez: Graduated and working as an elementary teacher.


Andres Bedolla: Currently a senior in high school.

Arizbeth Avellaneda: Studying her first year of music at “Casa Popular de Bellas Artes,” she also plays drums at her church and other places. 

Bernardo Garcia: Second year at the “ENEF” university to become a physical education teacher for elementary school.

Daniel Garcia: Third year of college at “Instituto Tecnologico de Morelia” majoring in mechanical engineering.

Fernanda Hernadez: Senior in high school at “La Salle.”

Ixchel: Senior in high school.

Karla Barajas: Senior in high school and wants to major in industrial engineering.

Luis Miguel Ruiz: Currently studying youth ministry at Multnomah University in Portland.

Salma Gonzalez: Senior in high school and wants to major in commerce or business. 


Gisela Campuzano:  Graduated with a degree in Economics and working as an administrator in a furniture factory.

Esmeralda Campuzano: Studying Civil Engineering.

Rocio Hernandez: Studying medicine in Mexico City.

Juan Carlos Lopez:  Studying Electrical Engineering on a Walton scholarship at John Brown University in Arkansas.

Fernanda Maldonado:  Studying Civil Engineering in the Tec de Morelia university.

Daniel Mireles: Majoring in Economics and studying German on the side.

Carlos Sanchez:  Also studying Civil Engineering in Morelia.

Viviana Cortes: Studying business administration and teaching elementary level English at NOE part-time.


Yunien Coyt: Studying a degree in history and works as a teacher at NOE.

Lupita Duran: Studying massage therapy.

Alberto Escobar: Economics major at a university in Morelia and helping at NOE in the afternoons.

Daniela Lopez: Studying Psychology and working at her parent’s restaurant.

Erick Perez: He´s an intern at the federal hospital in Morelia.

Sarai Rosas: Graduated in 2018, she´s a nutritionist and helps at NOE as a basketball coach.

Conchita Vazquez: She’s the assistant director at an elementary school in the city of Apatzingan, two hours south of Morelia.

Alejandra Compean: Studying her first year of medicine.

Cynthia Sotelo: Studying biochemical engineering and works at the zoo.

Mireya Suarez:  Studying a degree in Chemical engineering in Morelia.

Diana Lopez: Studying chemical pharmacology.


Felipe Alejandre: Studying architecture.

Estefania Castro:  Studying to be a nurse.

Diego Guevara: Studying Industrial Engineering and helping at NOE with homework help and youth group.

Evelin Hernandez: Studying Business Administration and helps at NOE with the kids club.

Andrea Lopez: She´ll graduate in April 2019 in chemical pharmacology and currently helps at NOE with the kids club.

Alexis Cortes:  Graduated with a law degree and currently working in a firm.  Continues to help in Explorers each Wednesday night at NOE.

Abril Mojica:  Is in her second year of art school as a Theatre major and coaching basketball in the afternoons.