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PO Box 33152  Portland, OR 97292

People Educated. Christ Revealed. Lives Transformed.


NOE’s 3 Christ based learning centers in Morelia, Mexico has been quietly encouraging students to realize their potential since opening the first center in 1992. They provide after-school homework help, English classes, and recreational programs for middle and underprivileged youth, things we tend to take for granted in the US. 


Over the years my husband and I have gone from being peripherally involved (donating) with NOE, to hosting a student and Morelia visitors, then finally visiting 2 of the 3 campuses in January of this year. It was truly inspiring to see how NOE works in the lives of whole families. 


In a bid to get your attention I’ll be running the Appletree Half-Marathon in September. Please consider joining me in support of this great organization. 


         - Dayna 

All gifts are tax-deductible. Receipts will be sent to all sponsors. Contributions are made with the understanding that NOE International has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds. Non-profit Tax ID: 93-0983604