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People Educated. Christ Revealed. Lives Transformed.

Become an Angel:

Underwrite a child's education, transform a life

As a NOE Angel, you will become part of a NOE student’s story. Your sponsored student will write to you regularly to share about her or his life, family, and time at NOE. Many NOE Angels build such a deep bond with their student that they travel to Morelia to visit or host their student stateside. It’s a unique opportunity to impact a student as they pursue their education and deepen their relationship with Christ.


The monthly sponsorship level for Angel partners is just $30, or $360 yearly, which makes a real impact in one student's life. 


Angel Program FAQs

As an Angel, what is my financial commitment?

The financial commitment of an Angel is $30/month or $360/year, representing the cost required for a student to attend a NOE Center for one year. Our hopes are that you would continue to support your student as they continue to attend NOE.


What are my payment options?

You can pay $30 a month or $360 annually. NOE International can automatically bill you monthly or annually. Checks and credit cards are accepted, or you can sign up and pay securely online through PayPal.


What exactly does my sponsorship cover?

Your sponsorship supports the NOE International general fund and represents the cost of one student attending a class at a NOE Center for one year. The cost for a student to attend one class is far lower, but most students attend multiple classes and/or ministries that NOE offers. A small registration fee is charged to all students and partial scholarships are offered to those in financial need. However, these fees do not cover the cost of the center's programs. By becoming an Angel, your gift is combined with other Angels to cover the total program costs at the NOE Centers.


The Angel Program is the primary means of funding and supporting those who attend the NOE Centers. Our Angels allow us to provide our educational programs at a very low cost to each student. We do not differentiate between sponsored and unsponsored children.


May I request a girl or boy?

Yes, we encourage you to make your preference known. We hope that by taking a personal interest in your student, you will have a rich and fulfilling experience. Sometimes, Angel families will sponsor one student for each child of matching genders in their family.


How many students are without Angels?

Currently there are approximately 220 Angels supporting students. Approximately 300 are without Angel sponsors.


How often will I hear from my student?

At a minimum, you will receive written correspondence from your student twice a year.

Can I contact my student?

Yes. We encourage you to build a strong relationship with your student and share your life with them. Please feel free to write or email your student regularly. You may email your student anytime at: centronoe@prodigy.net.mx. You may also send letters (but no packages) to:

NOE Center / Student Name

Apdo. 460   

Centro, 58000

Morelia, Michoacán, MEXICO

Don't underestimate the impact of your encouragement and emotional support.


Can I send packages to my student?

Unfortunately, delivery and customs issues prohibit us from delivering packages to your student.


Can I visit my student?

NOE staff welcome visitors to the NOE Centers and can help arrange a visit with your student. Many Angels have traveled to Morelia to see the centers and meet their student, resulting in a life-changing experience for all.